Used ZTR - What's it worth??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hipapa12, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I've got an opportunity to purchase a Toro Z Master ZTR with a 27hp Kohler Command with EFI & 72" deck. Is a commercial grade unit I'd say - well built. Deck is heavy, welded construction. Unit has 430 hours. Not sure of the year - 2002 or 2003? Unit has been used for residental upkeep only is one owner. I can get if for $4K. Seems to be in very good shape - runs & operates smoothly. Owner mowed about two, flat acres with it. Anyone have an opinion relative to Toro eqt, & is it worth 4K?
    Any opinions appreciated
  2. djchiodo3

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    I had the same mower. Was a good machine. Had some issues with the EFI computer, but were all small and quickly fixed. My biggest complaint was if you ran it out of gas, at times would be hard to start afterwards. If the battery goes dead, so does the mower(EFI). Mine was rated at 28hp and had 62". You might want to offer a lower amount and see what happens.

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