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Useless uncaring people


LawnSite Senior Member
Got ripped off at Home Depot. A shin eb630. Home depot has a camera pointing straight at where my truck was and they refuse to look at the video to see if they can get a description of who did it or what the were driving unless they are summoned to do so or the police request to look it it. The police say the only way the will recover is if it gets pawned. They will not even bother looking at the video. I know the exact 5 minute time span in which it was done. What a bunch of useless uncaring people. I spend a few thousand dollars every year at home depot and they could care less. I pay taxes out the rear end and the police could care less. Makes one want to bait the back of a track and sit and wait for these jerks to show up and try to rip it off again. Arrrrgggg!

Sweet Tater

LawnSite Silver Member
sounds like a call to the local tv station to tell how Home Depot harbors criminals, embarass the hell out of them.
I second that, they dont like negative publicity

P&C Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Yukon Oklahoma
Are you mad at them for not locking your equipment up? The Methheads look for easy money. And in reality the video probably will not even help in getting your equipment back. You will have to check with all the pawn shops yourself. The police will not be looking for one single item like that. They see theft all the time and if you don't lock your stuff up they have very little pity. BTW Policemen pay taxes too. Sorry for your loss, but I bet you didn't buy your Shin from The Home Depot.

Darryl G

Home Depot is a great place to get stuff stolen. Lots of stuff being loaded/unloaded so ppl don't tend to notice and lots of trucks/vans able to carry it away. I lost 5 or 6 nice fiberglass Structron hand tools I had in the bed of my pickup trick at one a few years ago. Not the biggest loss but still p'd me off.


LawnSite Senior Member
I know it sounds dumb but I usually lock my stuff up and then I leave some handtools and maybe one cheaper piece of power equipment ..."like an older trimmer thats has about seen its days anyways or my little chainsaw" in the back of the truck so if they are going to jack somthing they will steal whats easy and not try to cut the locks for the expensive stuff.


LawnSite Senior Member
Maplewood, MN
P&C is right about locking your equipment up, lesson learned I hope, however it is kind of disappointing that they can't just look.

I understand if they don't want you personally looking because you could be trying to scout their cameras but they could tell you what they see. I'm sure those security guys have nothing better to do.


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Chesapeake VA
Just set them up and give the beatdown. Best of luck man.


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You should have called the cops right there and made them come down.

Call the radio station and newspapers and let them know.