Uses for Bagged Grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mahoney3223, Jan 10, 2013.

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    I don't water or add fertilizer or anything to my compost. The stuff that I collect that I know is from natural lawns along with ground up leaves goes in my compost pile for our organic veggie garden. I really don't bag much grass though and most of what I do bag gets disposed of onsite. I do have a front-end loader to turn it with though, which helps a lot. I run 3 piles. One pile is always accumulating, one pile is composting and one is finished. I stop accumulating at the beginning of fall cleanup season, move it to the finishing area and by spring it's ready to use. Of course the accumulating pile is composting the whole time it's accumulating too, but at some point you have to stop adding to it.
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    I haven't bagged grass clippings since before half of you even knew what a mower was. LOL Seriously, been over 15+ yrs. since I've had to smell the rankness of clipping's that didn't "make it to the dump site". Shewee, no fun, especially with a hangover. (been watching too much moonshiners.)
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    I sometimes bag just to get grass clippings, lol. I have a friend who I collect them for too and drop them off at her house for use in her veggie garden.
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    That's correct. He had mentioned turning it into compost and using it as mulch. Grass clippings make a good layer to stop weeds. Just make sure the grass doesn't already have weeds in it. LOL
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    Yeah, what I do is spread it out when I dump it so that it dries out and is more like hay rather than leave it in a pile and have it ferment.
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    We do alot of bagging. Lawn looks much more manicured and by bagging your not spreading weeds into lawn.

    Money is to be made with the waste if you have the room for it. We used to compost, screen, and sell the end result to the customer. Now, the company has grown and we just don't have the room for it.

    Every winter a excavation company comes in and trucks all the year's compost away to make more room for the next year. This way we always have the convenience of dumping at my shop every day. We still make money by charging customers $10 a yard for the disposal of their leaves or any other waste. other than grass clippings.
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    My question I suppose is, what is entailed in making your own mulch. I know another company that takes all their clippings, yard waste and turns it into mulch. Obviously, I would need to have some wood in there.
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    We catch about 50% of our yards. At the end of the day I take it to our farm and let the cattle and goats have it.
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    Uses for bagged grass .......hmmmmm ....the dollar signs

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