Uses for Chipped/Shredded Wood Chips??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rjeffers, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. rjeffers

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    I purchased a chipper/shredder to remove a bunch of branches that had fallen which created a nice amount of wood chips.

    Any good landscaping uses for the wood chips?

    Also, I have Zoysia grass. What type of care should it be receiving around this time of year?


  2. Dweezil

    Dweezil LawnSite Member
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    The biggest use for it is as mulch around trees and in gardens. If you have a dirt driveway you could also use it as filler for that.
  3. Critical Care

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    If your chipper shredder can shred your woody material fine enough, you could always incorporate it into a compost pile. It would provide the necessary carbon needed for good compost. However, anything the size of “chips” would take a long time to break down.

    Using the chips for mulch would probably be fine. There are some trees that may not be suitable for this, however.

    Typical early spring care for Zoysia is to offer it a fairly high nitrogen fertilizer but in a slow release form - only if you haven’t done this already. Too much nitrogen can cause excess thatch in zoysia. This would also be the time (as well as in the fall) to do some weed control, such as treating the lawn for crabgrass.

    Oh, since zoysia spreads, you may want to spend some time getting the edges of your lawn under control.

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