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Uses for your ATV as an LCO


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Filosofem Hill
You could pull a utility cart, rough cut mower or pull behind turf sweeper with one, but basically nothing that a lawn tractor can't do. You may want less aggressive tires to drive across customers lawns with, off-road tires can leave some good ruts in soft ground.


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i wrote mine off. We actually use it for aerating on large wide open properties and snow removal, we occasionally use it on mulch jobs also.


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I have used mine to pull a 5 x 8 trailor around clients yard to pick up large limbs, move rocks from truck to flower bed, and used it last Wensday to pull my ztr out of a muddy ditch and most of all its FUN to work with!
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Not sure if you are set on getting a ATV, but I was a die hard ATV guy until a buddy of mine bought a Polaris Ranger. I told him there is no way that souped up golf cart could be fun....until i rode it through the woods. I was hooked! I sold my Sportsman and bought a Ranger and never looked back. I use that thing everyday! With the tilt bed and ability to carry passangers they are hands down the most useful. If you looking to play then a RaZor or a Rhino is the way to go.

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