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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kaf27033, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I am looking at a used Scag 36" belt drive with a 13hp Kawasaki engine. The mower looks to be in decent condition from the pictures, but I am not sure what year it is or the number of hours. I am going to look at it tonight. Can anyone provide any tips on what to look for when assessing a used commercial mower? Also, he is asking 750. Assuming I don't see any major problems does this price sound about right? Thanks.

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    as long as there are no problems, $750 does not sound bad. When i look at mowers, i usually look at every aspect of the machine. if it does not start on the first or second pull, no deal. check the fluids, belts, deck belts, look at the condition of the spindles, make sure every gear works, make sure there is no rust, check under the deck for heavy wear, etc. when i look at mowers, i go over them as meticulously as i do with the mowers i own. look at every single inch.
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    Also be sure to check if it pops out of any of the gears. I had a Scag 36in that popped out of gear (needed keys) and went down a retaining wall because I was on a slope and couldn't hold it back. Definitely not an experience I want to have again.

    Also make sure its not smoking blue or anything and the spark plug looks clear and not any burnt oil on it or anything. Pretty much look at every inch. Also make sure the spindles are tight. I replaced the bearings in the spindles on the one I had in hopes to fix the play and bad noise it made from being worn but the race was actually worn out and that was the issue which it can be expensive and time consuming to fix.
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    Thank you very much for the information. This helps me create a check list of things to look at. Here are the pictures I have of the machine. Looks to be in decent shape to me.




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