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USGA Organic Initiative


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Hello All,

I just sent this to my newsletter subscribers and I think you all should know about it as well. Food for discussion.

USGA: Finally!!!
A news report from "SuperNews" has announced that the USGA will finally fund scientific research evaluating organic fertilizers, biostimulants, pest controls and microbial amendments. A three year study conducted mostly by University researchers in various geographic locations. Jim Snow: "The project is the first comprehensive testing of organic products in diverse, real-world conditions". Snow further said: "People spend tens of millions of dollars on biostimulants and microbial products. A lot of that is probably on products that are doing them no good. We need to find out if they work, when they work and how well they work. I could see the study going on for a long time"

Personally, I am so glad this is finally happening. Points that I have made in previous newsletters will finally be addressed. I think you are going to find that a number of mystical products are merely nitrogen, iron or other simple effects. This study will, I hope, safe a lot of people a lot of money. On the other side of the ticket....

Joel Simmons of Earth Works Natural Organic Products says: "The USGA already has preconceived notions about organic products. I am concerned that those beliefs could influence the USGA's findings"

Snow said: "past university research of organic products has been scant and inconclusive. Much of what is used is based on faith. The first thing we need to figure out is what's in them followed by how they work.

This is one of the best things I've heard in a long time. An expedition into "mumbo jumbo, snake oil, silver bullets, drek, muck and mire and the various foliars along with all the other voodoo.

Apparently there is a committee composed of researchers as well as superintendents to oversee this project. I have a feeling my friend Jim Prusa was also behind this in a big way.

80% of superintendents are now using some form of organic program. This is only going to expand in the near future and this research is going to be very timely.

This is certainly a good Christmas so far!

Dr. W. A. Torello


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I'm not familiar with Bradfield products so if you can post a website or descriptions of the products and costs...that would be very helpful. Remember to post the prices so I can get an idea of efficiency.



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I just had a Bradfield salesman stop by.....
website is www.bradfieldorganics.com
price for 3-1-5 Lucious Lawn and Garden was I think around 15.00 bucks for 40 lbs. Not sure of coverage...but maybe that info is on there website.
I do not know anything about Bradfield Organics...just that a salesman just stopped by today.


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It seems you are not a fan of the Earthworks line (or maybe just Joel)? I wanted to know your concerns about the product. I was thinking of using it this year and I want you professional opinion on it. I was looking into the granular line not the liquid.
Mike :waving: