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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Here is a copy of an email I received recently:

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Over the last few months we have made some changes in our operations at USHIO Canada. The largest change was the closure of our warehouse in Oakville, Ontario. All orders for Canada are now being shipped from our warehouses in South Carolina and California. We believe this will help fill your orders faster with fewer backorders and less double shipments.

    In addition, we have decided to make ordering from Ushio easier than ever. Effective with shipments commencing on December 1, 2010, we will no longer require a minimum dollar amount to qualify for free freight. All orders will be shipped F.O.B. Destination which means the quoted price is your delivered price. All other terms and conditions apply.

    We value your business and believe you will find this change agreeable. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continue to serve your requirements.

    Talk about baffle-gab! :laugh: How is not having any inventory here in Canada going to help us "fill our orders faster"? Any by removing any qualification for free freight what they are really saying is that there is no free freight! Do they not think that we understand what FOB shipping terms mean?

    I suppose they couldn't just send out a letter stating that A: We are no longer stocking product in your country, you are going to have to import it and deal with brokerage fees, customs clearance and duty on your own. and B: We are no longer going to give you free shipping no matter how much you buy. Everybody pays.

    I suspect that the price of Ushio products here in Canada is about to rise significantly and I predict their market share is going to drop considerably.
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    Disclaimer, I don't use Ushio and have no affliation, but I read it differently.

    "FOB Destination" would be free freight. FOB (Freight On Board) means the place you pay shipping from. If it is FOB destination, it is already at you destination thus no charge. Cumbersome way of wording it, but it does say free freight for everyone on every order.

    I agree with you on the closing the Canadian Warehouse not being good fro Canadian customers.
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    I remember those FOB definetions from college business class as well. but I remember them being "who pays" for shipping. and technically, it means Ushio is paying the shipper, not you. but they will of course be pricing thier product to cover that cost, and lamps should get cheaper as you buy more of them to spread that cost over more lamps. before, they probably had a line item cost for shipping for orders under 50 bucks, or 100 bucks or whatever.

    and yes, shipping from The US is way more difficult for you than shipping from canada to you. If only you knew a guy that could sell you some LED bulbs close to cost...

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