Using 521 next to electrical transformer.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jcom, May 18, 2006.

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    I am trying to locate a valve with the 521 but the controller is withing 5' of a large transformer. I can follow the wire for about 4 ft. and then the null is no longer distinguishable. The wire goes in the direction of the tranformer. Any ideas?

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    You'll blitz out from the electrical interference. You'll get false readings and if the power is high enough you'd better be ready to take the earphones off quickly as the screaming in your ears will be tremendous.

    Go to a valve past the one you're missing and trace back the common wire. Mark the route and then turn the sound down on your receiver until you can barely hear anything. Run the wand along the route close to the ground (should be no sound as you're now over the route and it should null out) and when you get near the box the screaming will get loud. Seems this happens when wire doubles back and/or goes through a solenoid, etc. Works for me and I've found many lost valves this way. If you get too much interference then disconnect the common from the controller so a loop is disrupted while sending a signal with the 521.
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    You can also turn the sound almost all the way off and use the needle on the wand to find the valve.....that needle will go apeshiite when it is over the valve...

    You could also get close to where you think it is...and hook up a KrikIt to the valve and lay down on the ground and listen for the solenoid opening and closing really fast.....what is a KrikIt you say?

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