Using a boom sprayer for roundup?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by walker-talker, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Guys calls me to spray roundup on a small lawn....around 5000 sq ft. I can use my backpack, no problem. Says he can give me 30 lawns a year. Another friend tell me he can give me about 10 a year. I was wondering what the best setup would be. Would it be better to use a boom sprayer or just spray be hand. Lawns will be 5K-20K. No way do I want to use a backpack for 20K lawns. No way I want to use my 200 gal tank sprayer for roundup. Coming from the state of Kansas, the wind is somewhat of a factor. I am looking for something with a boom and will mount on the front of my Walker's deck....unless driving over roundup is an issue? Something from 25-40 gallons. Since wind is an issue, something that sprays with large droplets. I would like to start off with something under $500 because I am not totally sure the jobs will come. If everything pans out, I could spend more later. I looked at the Fimco units from Tractor Supply, but just online....not in person. Something that sets super low to the ground and the boom doesn't need to be more than 5 or 6 ft wide. Although, most are longer.

    Any recommendations?

    Or for those size of lots would I be better off just strapping a tank to the front of my deck and using a hand wand sprayer?

    Licensed and issured, not to worry about that.
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    If wind is a concern I would suggest using air induction nozzles, they cost more and require a higher pressure pump than a standard fan nozzle but they will really cut down on drift, another option would be a hooded sprayer.
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    Hi, E-bay has several small units 15 & 25gal models with 1.8 - 2.1gpm pumps, all 12 volt. Price w/shipping is about $200. Northern tool has a small boom that folds for about $60.00.Spraying systems makes all kinds of nozzels, look at the TK-10 [ avg. 1 gpm] or the TK-5[ 1/2 gpm] these are fan tips, will give you 8-10ft coverage on low to ultra low psi, they can be mounted about 6 inches off the ground, higher up to give a broader spray pattern. Usea spreader sticker if you are worried about drift. We've made similar units for applying compost teas...Hope this helps :)
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    I think what I would look into here, would be a bottle sprayer to hook onto the end of your sprayer hose. You can run straight water through it, and mix with a concentrate with the bottle. you can run wider droplets out of it, so that will help with some of your wind factor, and you will cover your area fast and efficiently.
  5. BCSteel

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    Ummm... what about the sprayer made by walker? I have one and it works very well. Minimal drift with reasonable capacity and manuverability. Take off the crappy 10' hose and replace with 50' of hose for increased performance when you cant get the mower in.
  6. Ric

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    No Cutting

    The Ric-A-Green is just that. A old Walker mower with a Northern 25 gal 12V sprayer hooked up to a northern boom. A lesco Truckster does the granular. I no longer own a mower that cuts grass. So I chemical mow with Roundup on my own property which needs it badly right now. Even in the middle of rainy season I only do it once a month. Of course I use a lower rate of Roundup so I don't completely kill the grass. I also don't live in the city where a nice lawn is important. Since I am spraying around many shrubs and young trees I make sure not to do it on a windy day.
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    Look at the prolawn. They have the best hooded units out there. They havew a couple sizes and can fit nearly any mower. I love my 11 ft. model. In 2 years mine has been over nearly 20 million square feet (450 acres approx.) with no problems. Check it out good luck!
  8. walker-talker

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    Thanks for the heads up. I had forgotten about using one of those. I have a cheap Gilmore that I tried using a couple years ago on my own property (a $5 unit). It didn't work at all. That's probably why I forgotten about it. I will check and see if there are better unit on the market. Something with a "more true" calibration.

    I will also check into the shielded units. I am already a week behind on my broadleaf treatments because of windy conditions.

    Thanks for the input!
  9. Russ

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    I bought a hose end sprayer from Lesco. Put it on my space saver and shot a construction company's equipment 44/M yard next to a bean field. It worked well.
  10. Runner

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    Russ, how much area can you spray with one of those? I realize you were spraying glyphostae, but how much area can you cover per bottle? Itseems that for a tank sprayer, that might be a sure remedy for many that do different things at different times (i.e. insecticides, fungicide, etc.).

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