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  1. diggerman

    diggerman LawnSite Senior Member
    from Iowa
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    Is anybody applying a coating of brine to their lot prior to a snow fall?If so how effective has it been, where did your formula come from and how are customers responding to the charges. The reason I ask is that I have been thinking about buying a partial rail car of salt for this season based on the amount of salt I used last year and am not crazy about having to rent a new indoor storage facility and also incure that kind of intial exspense. So I was thinking about a brine truck so that the amount of salt that I would be spreading might be a little less.
  2. iowastorm

    iowastorm LawnSite Senior Member
    from Iowa
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    No input on the brine as of yet, but curious it you are looking for someone to go in w/ you on the rail car of salt???
  3. plowking35

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    The brine solution will work great, however the corrosion will be terrible. Contact myself or John Parker regarding a magic coated salt that will not only solve your problem, but be envirometally responsable.
    860-859-0739 Dino
    914-485-4200 John Parker
  4. diggerman

    diggerman LawnSite Senior Member
    from Iowa
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    Actually I have a guy I know who sells coal and salt for a living and I can usually dump what extra I have with him but if I find hes going to be a problem I'll post it. The magic coated salt sounds good Ill let you know. The brine Im hoping will stop some of the snow sticking so tight to the lot especially after a midday snow thats had some traffic.
  5. n y snow pros

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    Diggerman,that is 1 of the advantages of coated salt it will prevent the snow from bonding to the pavement,so your plows will hit blacktop everytime they go out.As Dino said it is extremely enviromentally friendly and will melt up to 2 inches of snow.You can use it as a straight liquid form or spray your salt with it.Like Dino said just give 1 of us a ring if you want and we can enlighten you on the best icemelting agent known to man.

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