Using a Push Reel Mower for commercial use

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nogoodscallywag, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. nogoodscallywag

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    I live in Indiana and have been offered by several nieghbors to be paid for using a small, manual push reel mower. Most yards are quite small. I mowed one in about 30 minutes with a gas powered push mower, but have never used one of those reel mowers that people just push around without any gas. I would think from reading on this site that it would take the above job about 1 hour to complete with the push mower, including going over areas that weren't cut.

    Would it be a good idea to purchase a small reel mower like the one Scott or Brill offers and then use it for commercial purposes? The yards are about 10 or so and small, but I am not sure one of these can handle 10 yards per week for the summer and fall season. I know about the small twigs and rocks that have to be looked out for but if I were to pick these up before mowing it should be a cinch (I like excercise).
  2. huskres

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    Youll kill yourself with it...
  3. MileHigh

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    No Way Man!
  4. Scagguy

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    If you're still alive about mid July, get back to us and let us know how it's going.
  5. Mic_bug

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    generations 'for us have used and yes they died..but of natural causes:dancing:
  6. ALC-GregH

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    are you going to bag it too? :) Why on earth would they want it mowed with a reel mower anyway? Will you be getting a buck a minute for using it? If not, I'd pass.
  7. Carolina Cuts

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    I had heard rumors and other LCO's say the proper way to cut bermuda is with an old' fashion reel mower... just like some of the golf course machines have reels. Any truth to this?
  8. lifetree

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    I think all the feedback is pretty conclusive ... I agree with the others !! When you're 65 you'd probably have some ruptured discs ... LOL.
  9. dougmartin2003

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    i have one that i will give away, no way am i using it
  10. huskres

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    if you can get enough customers you can find mclane reel mowers for around 300 on craigslist all the charge them 50 percent more though

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