Using Adwords to drive local traffic to your site

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by SouthernLandscapeMgtAB, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Has anyone used Google Adwords to drive local traffic to your website? Looking for a strategy to target local demographics beyond standard print ads. If you have used Adwords, was it successful? Please share both pros and cons--any advice concerning this form of marketing is appreciated. Thanks!
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    for the past 3 weeks i have been using adwords. I have a max bid of $0.90 per click and get 2-3 clicks per day. i have spent about $40 in the past 3 weeks and have not noticed a significant amount of calls. I also have a website and track who comes from the adwords and what they click and so far i have had about 7 people request a quote through my website. I landed a few jobs also. So for $40 i think it is well worth it. If your paying less than $0.90 per click then you cant beat it. I wouldn't pay any more than $1.00 per click thought.
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    We don't need it anymore.

    But I used GoogleAds some when our website was new. Only had to bid like 6 cents to 10 cents per click. That was about 4 years ago.

    I set my daily spending limit at under $2 per day.

    Basically, the results was about $5000 dollars worth of work for every $10 paid to Google.

    So although the calls were not ultra-abundant, it was very inexpensive for the extra volume it added.

    Seems that some companies for pruning or tree service now, are bidding like $1 to $3 per click. That's absurd.
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    Several posts have danced around the fact that the bottom line we should be considering here is ROI.

    In truth, sure I believe that some of the pay per click costs are becoming prohibitivly expensive, but what isn't nowadays. What is important is how much profit can we squeeze from the investment.

    So if you consider $8, 9 or $10.00 per click too expensive, ask yourself, why are people willing to pay this? If the answer is what some of you have posted about how much you paid way back when, and how much you profited from your investment, there's your answer.
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    As i have suggested on other threads, contact Dane or Jill at LocalBizNow. I worked for this company for a few months and the service they provide is outstanding. They do charge a setup fee, but they are also professionals at what they do. They are one of the authorized google adwords resellers that monitor something like 200,000 words daily. They can maximize the return from your budget and get you the most bang for the buck. The coolest thing about their service is that you can see and monitor your metrics daily by accessing your account. You will know how many people clicked, what they clicked on, how long they viewed your information etc... All-in-all its a really great service for the small business.

    I set the guy who bought my company up with it and he maintains a $50 per month budget and claims to have gotten at least 10 new lawn accounts from the service.

    Think about it this way...How many of you open the yellow pages and look for plumbers or mechanics or anything? Isn't it much easier to type "plumber near 48362 - which is what the majority of people do these days."

    If you are not using adwords and your competitors are...You are missing out on potential clients. Visit or call them at (888) 298-8955 and ask for Dane or Jill. Let them know that you are calling because Trevor recommended them to you.

    Do another thing...Go to google and type in "lawn care" or "landscaping" near (YOUR ZIP CODE) and take a look at which of the companies you compete with are already using adwords.

  6. 99sundrop

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    Yeah you don't want to pay too much. That can be suicide. I'd say adwords is getting saturated nowadays.
  7. Trevors Lawn Care

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    It may be getting saturated, but have you opened the yellowpages lately, and people still renew those ads? Its almost one of those things that you have to do if your competitors are using it and your name isnt there.

  8. mdvaden

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    Don't dance around another reality.

    Just like only so many companies can be #1, 2 or 3 in the search results, only a handful of companies can be in the top slots for Adwords.

    If a couple of ocmpanies decide to pay $10 a click instead of $2, to invest more and see return, that also raises a bar that other companies will be more than happy to match. And this game does not have unlimited balcony seats. You either bid to sit in the balcony - otherwise it's standing room only seats in the lower positions.

    At the HIGH DOLLAR click level, it's no longer just a matter of keywords. At that point, it's going to be tied in to the website layout and content they land on after the click.

    Right now, it seems like advertsing is in a transition that is making it challenging for some companies to know how to promote their services.

    And on the internet, anything that's good and works, only has a few top notches on the totem pole.
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