Using articulating hedger trimmer on small bushes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLS1, May 31, 2004.

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    I have several customers ask again this year about trimming their bushes. I never offered this service so I always referred them to other LCO. This year I decided to start trimming bushes.

    At this time I plan on buying the Shindaiwa multi-tool powerhead ($170) and the articulating hedge trimmer ($240).

    My question is how much time and/or how hard is it to trim small low lying round bushes with these long pole hedge trimmers.
    Do you use one certain angle (i.e 45 degrees or 90 degrees) to trim all around a round bush? I really don't want to buy the standard hedge trimmer since I have several customers that have tall hedges and don't want to use a ladder to trim them.

    Does anyone make a articulating hedge trimmer that has a short and long pole option so you can get fairly close to the bush like standard hedge trimmers and use a long pole for for the tall hedges?
  2. grasswhacker

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    If you use the long pole type trimmers on small globe type hedges, they will cease to continue in their rounded state. You need 24"-30" trimmers to do a decent job on small round or topiary type shrubs. The long ones are good for hedgerows or areas that you cannot reach safely with the smaller trimmers. And really any small bush/shrub of any shape would be better and faster with the smaller trimmers.
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    Yeah, you can use them for small bushes and if you take your time and have plenty of muscle you can do a good job. But really, if you are only going to have one set of hedge trimmers, buy either regular ones or get the shortest pole trimmers you can find. I have a pair with the 59" shaft, very nice for extended reach jobs and cuts down on using ladders but they are rather cumbersome for the small stuff.
  4. BCSteel

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    Or get the longest blades regular hedge trimmers. My shindaiwas are over 40" long. Awesome for everything. They are a little hard to get used to at first but after the first day, no problems. I can reach almost as high with those as with my pole trimmers.

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