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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by it excavate, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. it excavate

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    here is a question for commercial landscapers. Do any of you use services from blower trucks and if you do when is it worthwhile for you to use the service. I'm interested in mulch, soil, terraseeding or anything you have used them for. They look like a pretty handy tool for saving time.
  2. EA Quinn

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    we have a blower truck and drive all over the northeast with it. A good chunk of our work is for other landscapers that use us as subcontractor. Usually most times is a difficult job somebody doesnt want, they bid the job, then hire us to blow the material for them. They satisfy their customer and make a few bucks while doing it. We also install a lot of playground fiber with our truck.
  3. paponte

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    I would agree that most contractors use us when they have a difficult area to get to, or need to spread large amounts of material. The avreage company is not equipped to handle such a job, and instead of losing it they make money off of it and sub it out. :)
  4. PSUturf

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    Blower trucks are definitely an efficient way to apply mulch. We can blow mulch for about 50% less than what it would cost us to apply it by hand. Our blower trucks are used most often for compost blanket seeding of new lawns (might be what you refer to as terraseeding). They are also used for filling Filtrexx Sox which are used in place of silt fencing.

    It would definitely be worth talking to a contractor who has a blower truck about using their services for larger mulching or seeding jobs.
  5. it excavate

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    Express Blower calls it terraseeding, the seed and starter fert are injected into the soil as it's blown in. I've had a few jobs that I sure could have used it to move materials in, but couldn't schedule it. Had to get really creative. They sure seem to have a place in the market here. Sounds like you have your own blower truck?? They are a BIG investment. Very interesting though.
  6. EA Quinn

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    Like any investment, you need to make sure you have the work to keep it busy. You cant keep a multi hundred thousand dollar truck sitting in the yard that often. It seems like a big investment at first, but it really pays off in the end. Our truck last year was busy almost everyday from late march till first week of december. The market is starting to get more saturated with trucks and seems to be getting quite a bit more competitive. I also think if we dont get much snow this year, we might be in for a bad year of mulch. A lot of the other landscapers use us in the spring because they get behind on cleanups and parking lot sweeping. This year they wont be behind if we dont get any snow meaning they will do the work for themselves. I guess we will see how the year pans out.

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