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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by FdLLawnMan, Nov 27, 2012.

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    No irrigation? Then the cautions about hot mixes apply.
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    When I started at TruGreen we used the big 1200 gallon tanker trucks. About 1978. One guy got an award for using up all 1200 gallons in one day, about 300,000 sqft. He joined the empty tank club. He was an amazing lawn tech. Tight route...big lawns. Not sure what he was smoking--or for that matter--if the tank was full when he started out. LOL!!

    I think we were supposed to use about 120 pounds pressure and fill a bucket 4 gallons in one minute.
    I think I used about 160 pounds pressure. Most of us walked fast so we covered more than 1000 sqft per minute.
    If you were lucky and had a good pump and almost new hose--some guys used up to 200 pounds.
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    My typo yes 14 gal of fert 2 gal of K and 48oz of 3 way and 1 qt of wetting agent and not much water. I never had a problem no mirc there wasn't room.

    Didn't know there were different kind of coron. I priced it one but it was $4.more a gal than what i was using.

    Charles Cue
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    28-0-0 coron is 70% crn. good stuff, did not burn( used spring apps only). we put it down at 1/4 lb N per k, in 1.2 gal water per K. higher rates i dont know, but i think burn is unlikely if grass is not stressed out.
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    I've always been curious about liquid apps and how long they would last. I just dot have the balls to try since I use a zspray and low volume.

    It would be nice to use on fescue in feburary when I'm spam rating my pre! Or as an early spring app when I'm spraying my warm season with the second split pre app.
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    U would be. Fine
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