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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawn Wizard, Nov 28, 2001.

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    I have a coupon calendar that I present to clients when we sign the agreements. It has everything from a $10 off Snow Removal coupon to $25 off Power Raking.

    I have been toying and turning this whole 12 month plan thing and have come to the conclusion that its not for me. I am going to take the total number of cuts for a wet season add in the fert program add in clean ups and then divide by 10.

    I will set them up on a payment plan to cover the basics and then anything they wish to add on will be billed accordingly. They will know what their minimum payments are going to be and I will know where my minimum monthly income is at.

    I think that the best thing to do when all is said and done is to Keep It Simple Stuipd!!

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    Why not offer something to your clients that will benefit the both of you. What I mean is that instead of offering your clients $100 off your bottom line and creating $100 value for them, nothing for you, why not give yourself some benefit also. This would entail something creative that would entice them to pay at beginning of season. This will give you nice cash flow but the good part would mean finding something that you can use as a business expense. This is something off the top of my head and has little thought but is an example,'you may want to try something different. Offer a $100 gift certificate to a great restraunt. This will give them lots of value, and give you a nice business writeoff. The value to you is obviuos and puts money in your pocket. Now instead of $100 off for early pay which cost you$100, you now pay $100 minus your tax rate. Probably around $60-65 cost to you this way.
    This will seem create more value to them because when they write out a check, they see an amount and pay it and are done with it. NOW they will have a dgreat evening and be thinking that you are to thank for the entire thing. WIN WIN situation. you end up spending 5% instead of 8% if you can live with that.

    PS. Just remembered seeing a cleaning service owner do this for his corporate accounts once a year with a limo ride. None left ever and they all look forward to the next year. It is in a mag called emerging business. Thier site is don't know if its on it but worth a try

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