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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mjohnson1, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. mjohnson1

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    i got a call from a lady today wanting me to mow her yard, but my trailer's broken so i told her id try to find a trailer i could use and she said i could use her mower and trimmer, etc. it's a half acre yard and she says the above ground pool takes up most of it anyways. how do ya'll feel about using the homeowner's stuff? i figure since im using her equipment, $30. i dont want to shoot too low since i may start using mine eventually
  2. Cahsking

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    I mow two neighbors, both have 3+ acres of lawn. I can spend a day in their neighborhood, with no equip., no help, and I can ride my motorcycle to the job. Low gas...all stacks up to more cash. At first I hated it, thinking I was getting cheated somehow, but as long as you subtract what you would charge for your equipment, you'll protect your self and pro long the life of your equipment.
  3. mike lane lawn care

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    i wouldn't, if something happened, she'd be looking at you to fix it. for the peace of mind i would use my own equipment. however, durring fall leaf cleanup, a 7 acre property that i do, the largest of all, he has me use his 20HP self propelled leaf blower, as it would take ages to bag and backpack blow.
  4. Cahsking

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    I'm glad mike said that...make sure she knows what precautions come with using her equipment. And that she asked you to use it. I hope?!?
  5. K.Carothers

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    I see that you are just starting out. I'm a bit confused about the question. You are in business,right? If so, you have other customers,right? You said your trailer is broke and a lady called for service and is willing to allow you to use her equipment.

    My question is how are you cutting your other customers being that your trailer is broke? Do you plan on fixing the trailer? If so, how long is it going to take?

    How did she get your number? advertising?

    Sounds like you are just starting out here. With that said, I would jump on any customer that is willing for you to use their equipment. This way, you can make some money and build your business.

    As far as you asking about homeowner equipment - it does not apply here.

    When you start buying equipment - go commercial.

    Good luck.

  6. topsites

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    No way, no how.

    It's just another in the long line of who is really in control.
    I will never use customer provided equipment.

    I am also learning a new way to say things... When I can not take care of something, it is easier to say 'I am sorry but I can not service your lot at this time' and thank them for their time, and click. Nice and steady as she goes, but quick and dirty if need be...

    All I'm saying is, don't explain because then that's what happens.
  7. mjohnson1

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    ok let's see

    q.1. i'm not cutting other people's lawns she would be the first one. i have been doing landscaping such as mulch, cleanup, tree trimming etc, things i can manage without a trailer. shouldn't take more than a week or two to fix.

    q.2. she got my number from (.org?) i can't remember. anyways you should check it out it's a free classified on the internet, arranged by city. i figured it was useless but i have gotten multiple calls from it.

    i don't know what you mean by "homeowner equipment - doesn't apply here", i assume you mean homeowner grade stuff. i thought i was clear enough, but i meant using a homeowner's equipment if they wanted you to.
  8. MMLawn

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    all I can say is dang....... :dizzy:
  9. Cahsking

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    My thing is I like to use deere on the mowing side of business. I used a 737 '05 long before I thought about getting one. And out of it I bought it off the guy, because he wanted a diesel. I can relate with you on the landscape&Lawn care aspects. I say do what you need to do. If you make $20 and you use it toward gas to get you to a landscaping job, I say do it. If it dont make dollars it dont make sense.
  10. mjohnson1

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    yeah thats my thoughts all it'll cost me is gas to get there. i told here 30 bucks. i asked her if it was a one time deal or if she wanted me to come bi-weekly, and she was like well now that you mention it my husband is pretty busy,,,, so now i dont know whether to keep using hers all the time or start using mine and have to raise the price.

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