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Using Direct Mail Advertising

Nilsson Associates

LawnSite Member
I reopened the discussion on bulk mail because of the interest in this subject. Here are the results from an independent study commissioned by Pitney Bowes. It has to do with the &quot;Openability&quot; of mailed envelopes. Rankings top to bottom. Here are the top 5 of 21 different rankings:<p>1. First class stamp, glassine window, standard #10 envelope, 2 color return address & name, specific name, enticers in red color.<p>2. First class meter, glassine window, standard #10 envelope, black return address, specific name, enticers not present.<p>3. First class meter, direct impression, standard #10 envelope, 2 color return address, specific name, red enticer.<p>4. First class permit, handwritten address, 6&quot;X 9&quot; envelope, return address 2 color, specific name, black enticer.<p>5. First class meter, direct impression, 6&quot; x 9&quot; envelope, no return address, specific name, enticers in red.<p>The complete study consists of 8 pages of data and has to do with whether an envelope &quot;gets opened&quot; ... of course if you use a &quot;self mailer&quot; (no envelope to open) that helps ... but self mailers can be taken &quot;less seriously&quot; because they resemble more of a &quot;junk mail&quot; status. Anbody wants a copy of this 8 page study ... (postal mail only) to me a #10 self addressed, stamped envelope (put two 33 cent stamps on SASE envelope)to:<br>Phil Nilsson<br>Nilsson Associates<br>374 Hart St<br>Southington, CT 06489<p>P.S. Over at www.turfquip.com where I have a link, check out my weekly Landscape Classes updated every Thursday. We're going to cover advertising including using direct mail methods in great detail.<p><br>