Using generic Imidicloprid in arborjet system

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    Has anyone thought of using generic Imidicloprid in a system like Arborjet?
    I am tired of overpaying for Imajet and went looking for a generic. I found it for $ 250.00/gal which beats the crap out of $ 350.00 per liter.
    The only difference is imajet is a 5% AI and the generic is 21% AI I guess I will have to adjust the ml/inch of dbh rate. Has anyone done this ?? I guess you could do it with Propoconazol also. I buy that alot cheaper.
    Would welcome feedback.
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    That is a shame. I talked to Sean from arborjet at a trade show this winter and he said they were lowering their chemical prices. I am still waiting for that to happen. I have even looked into Xytect injectable, it is a little cheaper has the same 5% AI but is only sold in these tiny little 75ml containers. After spending all the money I did on the Arborjet Gear I am getting tired of being gouged for my chemicals. 1 year ago I had no problem selling injections, but am struggeling to sell even at the same prices as last year. How about showing us some love here Arborjet!!!
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    Arborjet’s IMA-jet is specially formulated to go through the Arborjet systems and move quickly through the vascular system of the tree. Studies have proven that the 17% AI falls out of solution once in the tree and does not move to the target.

    The 5% does not fall out of solution and moves quickly throughout the tree, even providing a 2 year residual in some cases. If you only have to inject every other year, that makes the $350.00 liter much more cost effective. If you can spare a few mLs of each product for an experiment, try putting some of each of the 5% and 17% in water and watch what happens. You will see that IMA-jet 5% is more water soluble in the tree.

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