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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by MOW ED, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. MOW ED

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    Is it acceptable to copy and paste pictures from a site if there is no copyright restrictions on the site?

    I see lots of neat things on different sites and would like to use these on mine. What are the restrictions involved? I always check to see if there are copyright restrictions or symblos of copyrighted material.

    Also how do you lock your pictures so they cant be copied?
    Finally what do you have to do to copyright a site and is it effective???

  2. Stonehenge

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    Mow - lemme get this straight - you wanna steal 'em, but you don't want 'em stolen from you? :cool:

    As for making them steal proof? Can't be done. I don't think, anyway. I dunno - give me one you think can't be stolen. Bet I can do it.

    As for copyrights, I dunno that, either. There may be presumed copyrights on stuff on the net, even if they don't spell it out for you.

    A better bet is to ask to use images. Some places do. Then again, some don't.

    But to make sure you aren't caught, should you decide to sink into the realm of lawlessness, is make sure you have the image, and not just the link to the image. Then you'll be pulling someone else's bandwidth, not to mention they'll probably find you.
  3. BigJim

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    I can't understand why sites post pictures and dont want them copied,you put stuff on the web people are gonna copy it,like Stonehenge says its easy to download most pictures,its easy to cover watermarks etc..why bother, if I was posting pictures I'd just have a small logo on it and say help your selves.If you see your pictures posted on a web site in Mongolia what you gonna be able to do about anyway,Internet law is still murky at best in most countries and non existant in others.
  4. heygrassman

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    When in doubt, ask. Kinda like permission to hunt along another's property line, just in case that whitetail runs a little farther than expected.

    Most non-commercial sites will allow uses of images for credit given or a link to their website.

  5. NewOrleans

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  6. plow kid

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    copy that and paste it on your html page at the end and right clicks will be eliminated

    I cant attach it or paste it here because html code is turned on e-mail me if you want it
  7. LoneStarLawn

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    Yes you can you just need to know how to do it...

    <!-- Start of  no right click script -->

    script language="JavaScript">

    // No rightclick script.
    // Find more great scripts and applets at the JavaFile!
    // [url][/url]
    // Do not delete this header!

    // Put your message for the alert box between the quotes.
    var message="Sorry, we don't allow that on this site!."
    // Don't edit below!

    function click(e) {
    if (
    document.all) {
    if (
    event.button == 2) {
    if (
    document.layers) {
    if (
    e.which == 3) {
    if (
    document.layers) {
    // --> 


    <!-- End of  no right click script -->
  8. plow kid

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    Thanks Alan, I wondered what the PHP was for, thanks again ~NaTe
  9. GrassMaster

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    The minute anything is saved by means of Electronic Duplication, Computer Disk, Published in or on print, Saved on Computer or Uploaded to the Internet it's Automatically Copyrighted by Law. With or Without Copyright Notice. A Fact Jack!

    It's just made more legit if you go through all the Trouble of Actually getting it Copyrighted. But I don't Really see it neccessary myself!

    But in Most cases it's really a bunch of crap if Somebody Actually thinks that they are really going to go to the Trouble of Fighting Someone over a Picture or 2. It's Just Lame Talk, no more or No less!

    Because 999 Lawyers out of a 1,000 have no clue how to even go about fighting something like this but 99 out of a 100 would be more than glad to milk you for a lot of Bucks trying to fight it for you? You would probably know as much as them about that?

    BTW: If someone steals your Pics Contact them, tell them that they are copyrighted, then tell them to remove them in say 7 days, tell them that they can use them if they Provide a link back to you & Or if they haven't removed them in say 10 days, contact their web Host & they will take care of it for you in most cases. If not there is other things that can be done! LOL :)

    Things to thing about?
    I have 3 different Software Programs that I could point toward your Domain Name & I can Download your whole web site.

    I would never do that to any one but yes I can with or with out the Java Script or your Permission. That Java Script only Stops People that Own a Puter & Know how to sign on to the Internert. These are the same ones that Continually get Viruses.

    Now Look at all the Jokes, Funny Pics & Porno Websites out there. Most of them Have a Lot of the Same Pictures, yes it's in Violation of Copyright. But...

    Not to many folks going to fight it. I do not think one out of a Million in the Green Industry would. I don't even think there is a Million, see what I mean?

    But Why would you want to go to all the Trouble of Building a Web Site with your Content & then put somebody elses Pics on there?

    You can buy Paint Shop Pro for way less than a $100 & build your own graphics. Yes it's a Hard Learning Curve, but that's what it's all about.

    The Internet is not that Easy, It's not like Borrowing your Dads Truck, Rake & stealing a Bunch of Garbage Bags from your Mom, making $20 to $50 an hour & 3 Years Later you've got a $300,000 Lawn Service Business.

    I took a $750 Truck, that I already owned for years, a $80 Crapsman weedeater, $300 Snapper Rider, a gas can & 2 - 8 ft 2X6's & 5 years later Walked off with over $100,000 cash in my pocket not including Material things. (Shop ($20K & still had over $10K in Equipment left over to sell.

    I can't do it now but I've Posted at other Forums Quite a Few ways to Start up a Lawn sevice for Free & How to start one for less than $50 for Equipment & having Money Left over for Operating Capital? LOL, It can be Done because I've seen it done? :) It's the Same with Internet Companys.

    The Internet Seperates the Men from the Boys. 98 percent of all ventures fail on the Internet. The 2 percent that make it, make over 98 percent of all money made on the Interet?

    To Succeed at any thing you must Learn & Pay your Dues.
  10. DaveK

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    First of all, you CAN use copyrighted images...kinda. If you change 70% (i think it is 70) of the original image, you can claim it as your own. But then after changing 70%, you may as well have created it yourself.:D

    As for the "no right click script," don't even bother. All it does is stop the users that don't know anything about webpages. And it makes it harder for me to open links in a new window, which really annoys me. :)

    If you think it stops anyone from viewing the source code, they can always use the menu at the top (in IE, VIEW - SOURCE CODE) or, they can just turn off javascript in their browser and your silly little code means nothing to the browser.

    If you think it stops people from "taking" your images, think again, if they can see it on their screen, it is already on their hard-drive. Not to mention pressing the "print screen" button, then opening your graphics program and choosing EDIT - PASTE. This is the fastest and easiest way.

    All you can really do is to make it as difficult as possible for them to use your source code by encoding it. There are many html encoders available for free. But, If anyone wants your code bad enough, they can get it. Just like locks on your doors, it only stops the semi-honest people, it won't stop a thief.

    To copyright a site, just put "Copyright 2002, your name"
    To copy-protect a site, wake up, your dreaming. :D

    I'm not sure how that relates to anything here. A website for a lawncare company (or 99% of other small businesses) isn't about "making money on the Internet", It is a form of advertising. You will never make money placing an advertisement anywhere, you goal is to increase the income that you are making in the real world (aka advertising)

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