using liquid pre-m with PG

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by indyturf, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. indyturf

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    I have already bought all my round 1 granular with pre-m but was wondering if anyone uses liquid pre-m in a pg and just hits the "hot spots" it would save a ton of $, and there are many area's you could get away with no pre-m but didn't know if you get enough volume from the pg?
  2. indyturf

    indyturf LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Indy
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    any thoughts?
  3. cemars

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    Most liquid pre-emerge products need at least 1 oz per 1000 s.f. which is more than a PG is capable of. Pre products need larger droplets to get the product to the soil, the PG has small droplets designed to put most of the material on the leaf surface. IMO, a bad idea.

  4. Runner

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    Actually, I have been thinking about this SERIOUSLY as a money saving strategy. My thought apply Dimension, only apply it just along the borders where the crabgrass actually grows. I could essentially spray out of one nozzle (PG) and just do the borders (not even having to worry about most of the shaded north sides of buildings). Crabgrass out in the open areas is SUCH a rarety, that I could hit it with Dimension later if necessary, or in the worse case scenario, spot with Drive. The only problem is, is that Dimension to spray is a wp, which PROBably wouldn't work worth a damn in the PG. That stuff, you just HAVE to have a continuous mechanical agitation. For those who have ever experienced wp's when they settle a bit, know what I am talking about. You basically end up with a layer of clay at the bottom of the tank. This was just a thought.....It would just be SO much cheaper than blanketing the whole yards. It would just take closer monitering per round. This would only be feasible in the already existing customers that have a reasonably thick turf. Any new customers, no matter WHO they had before, would just be too risky, because the grass just isn't that thick.
  5. turf hokie

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    Why not use the EC formulation? That is what I use in everything, bp, z-spray, tank sprayer. I just never thought I could get enough volume to cover out of a PG.

    I think James Cormier was going to try it out of a PG last year, I was looking forward to hearing the results. Maybe we will have to try it ourselves this year to see if it works.
  6. ant

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    good topic
  7. Pilgrims' Pride

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    I did my merit apps this way last year w/ the z-spray.
    It worked very well and saved a ton
  8. Puttinggreens

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    Just a thought, are you able to change nozzles in the Pg to increase spray volume.

    In my Z-spray I often spray fungicides and I switch to a larger nozzle set and slow down to increase my vol per M.

    This year I to am planning on hitting some of the edges with Dimension using just 1 nozzle.

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