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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AmsoilPower, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. AmsoilPower

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    Does anyone use PayPal for sending/receiving payments for business transactions? I am not set up to take credit cards and am wondering if this is a viable option that people will accept. I have a PayPal account already, but have just been using it for eBay. What do you think?
  2. jc1

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    I have a few customers that we email their bill to them. They then go to the paypal site and "Send Money" to us. It's quick and easy for them all they need to know is your email address.
  3. rmarkham

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    We have online credit card payment through paypal and our website. It is very easy and about 25% of my customer base use the system. I get an e-mail to my phone within 2 - 3 mins of a payment and transfer all payments the same day to my operating account. Takes about 3 days for paypal payments to be deposited into the operating account. Great way to accept credit cards without a merchant account.

    If you want to check out how it looks and operates go to my website at:

    You can stop before you actually send the payment to see how it looks and operates.
  4. VBsnow

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    I use it for rentals I manage. I suggest using it. You get the same rate a larger merchant would receive by using PP. However, on large balances you should only accept "E-Checks" as they are capped at $5. Always pad out your credit accounts to cover the money you lose in charges.
  5. qusix

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    Its a great idea to allow your customers to use paypal. It gives them the opportunity to use their credit card and get points. Might want to charge a little more since their is a small fee with paypal though.
  6. Frontier-Lawn

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    take a looke at my webpage i use paypal as a online bill payment option for my clients.

    talk to paypal and see what they can offer you.

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