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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frank2, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Frank2

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    I'm in the process of buying a new quad to go hunting with. While I was at the polaris dealer...they have a new quad with what they call a turf mode on it. They say you can drive it on lawns in this mode and not rip it up. (sales guy said a lot of landscapers are buying them) I figured this would work great to tow an aearator with. Anyone have any experience w/ these? Would you need to have a quad w/ a turf mode or would any quad work? Sounds like it could work really well. I could get on a lot steeper hills w/ the quad towing the aerator than the Z.
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    check with your insurance first. my agent told me that if i use a ATV in my biz the rates would more than double
  4. Frank2

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    I did not see that post...thank you team gopher. typical for insurance.

    The only reason I'm thinking about because of this new "turf mode" on the polaris. I'm just wondering if it really works or does it still tear up the grass.
    Also reading on the exmark site that exmark really doesn't recommend towing an aerator w/ a Z....too hard on the hydros???
  5. grassdaddy

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    I had a 95 polaris 400,biggest piece I ever owned,worse than a suzuki..It will take a strong back to push a polaris with an aerator behind wouldn't really have room to push,keep a tow strap handy..
  6. Mudmower

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    I am currently using a polaris Ranger in my line of work. Use low profile WIDE tires and it should be great. The wider the tire the lower the PSI for the "footprint" (Contact area of the Tire).

    Don't know how big a piece the Polaris is, this is my first. But so far so good.

    P.S. You can find tire and wheel combos at several differant internet ATV stores. Simply change them back to the aggresive tread for hunting and you are set!!!!!
  7. lx665

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    I have used my ATV to pull my aerator on several jobs. I use it on hilly properties. It does not tear up the turf. Water cooled will work better because of the slow tow speeds.
  8. mx495

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    I use a 2wd Yamaha to pull a Lesco aerater with 300 lbs. of weight on it and it does fine. Doesn't tear up turf unless you ride it like a maniac.

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