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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by johnnyjay, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. johnnyjay

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    If you use QuickBooks Pro I need your help.

    I have recently bought QuickBooks Pro to use in my Lawn Care Business. I need advice, recommendations, and tips in setting up this program. I want to enter all business transactions since Jan 1, 2001. This will be my Start Date.

    I am preparing to refinance my home mortgage and must submit Profit and Loss Statements for my self employed business of Lawn Care Service.

    I am Retired from Civil Service and drawing retirement pay and my wife is still working. I started my Lawn Care Business in June of 2000 as a Solo operator. I submitted to my CPA all transactions for last year 2000 at tax time in April of 2001. I will do the same for 2001 come this next April of 2002.

    But now I have to come up with Profit and Loss Statements for the Mortgage Company. So in order to meet both requirements I want to enter all yearÂ’s transactions into QB.

    This is where I need your help. What is the best way to start this off and just how detail of information do you recommend I track. I am sure the more I use QB the more I will learn to manipulate or customize just what I want. I have not installed the QB program yet. I think there are some specific features that can be turned on at time of installing and hope you can tell me if I should or should not turn them on.(such as time tracking)

    I only service residential customers and serviced between 40 and 50 customers at least one time or more this past year. I had approximately $25,000 total business in Mowing, Trimming shrubs, aeration, and installing pinestraw. I thank you for any help you can give me.

    Jonesboro, GA
  2. Chuck Sinclair

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    I wanted to do the same thing, since I don't know a thing about bookkeeping I hired a bookkeeper to set it up for me. she has entered in all my data for the past year and put together forms that are just like my contracts for use with QB.
    She is Minnesota so we have done everything by fax and e-mail.
    It has worked out great. :)

    you can find her at:
  3. bruces

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    See your accountant for advice and guidance in setting up the program and how to enter things.

    If you enter them right to start with it will save you money in accounting fees at tax time.

    Also, if the transactions aren't entered correctly your profit and loss statement won't be accurate.
  4. jdwilliams1

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    How in the world do you decide to use someone on the other side of the country. Did you already know her? Are her rates reasonable?
  5. cp

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    My advice is to make it as simple as possible. I have found that as time goes by I add certain things as far as services provided but I also simplify as well by keeping services in 3-4 major categories, i.e., Maintenance and Landscaping.

    Keep your services at a minimum, mowing, landscaping, pruning.

    When you start the program it will lead you through the questions and answer part pretty good. You will set up as a Service provider and unless you have employees you can skip that now and add on later if needed.

    I only had to go back a couple of months when I started and I have added and changed a few things since but the program is very nice.
  6. Chuck Sinclair

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    No i never met her, i posted a job on for someone to do just that get me stared in QB she bid on the job along with others and after talking to her and check her feedback and what not i hired her. As far as rate go she charges a lot less then i do for cutting grass she quoted me $20.00 an hour.
  7. groundsguy1970

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    Hey the banjo is cool. :cool:
    I would start in 2002 and give an accountant your records.
    Software is good :) but you gotta do it proper and starting half back isn't smart if your records are what I think they are ;)
    Good Luck! :)

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  8. cormierlawn

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    I use Quick Books Pro on a daily basis for various business. I also use it for my Lawn Maint. company. I can help you set some stuff up. I am a computer tech by day and a own a lawn maint. company. Just email me @


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