Using the 521a to find a valve.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by captken, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Trying to resurrect a 25 year old {thats a quarter century} irrigation system. Have located 5 valves out of a possible 8. Am having trouble deciding what to do next.
    I am at a point to where the wire was traced to the edge of a walking trail.
    This is to where the trench was dug to.
    The signal falls off rapidly, once on the aspault, to where the light pole is,
    to a very faint hot spot to null.
    I have tried tying all the wires but common together and hooking that to the red wire to the 521a, I get no further than the other side of the walking trail.
    I bundled them all together and used my sharp shooter shovel as the ground, still get no further.
    I tried to dig on the other side of the walking trail just directly in line with the pipe and encounter roots as big as branches.
    If the wire is laid under the pipe and the pipe doesn't leak, doesn't seem rational that I get no signal.
    Vom test show 1, no continuity. No above 600k or below 600k readings.
    What would you guys do, in regard to this situation?

    thanks in advance, kenny

    Sorry for the steak picture, lol..

    walnut creek 001.jpg
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    new computer new operating system cannot upload correct picture, sorry.
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    I take it the steak was cooked so rare it needed wound dressing. :p
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    I like em rare! Just carve out what I need and spay em to heal!

    Tried to post, got my steak pic instead, tried to change and got the wound spray pic instead..:drinkup:
    cannot upload the right picture, says upload error. maybe somethings wrong at lawnsite.
    I'll try later,
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    They could have easily repaired the piping but not known they demolished the wiring when the installed the walkway.. Never trust the cement guys they only care for themselves.

    1 ohm could very likely mean all the wires are striped and touching eachother. ( As they got shreaded from the trenching )

    Why not expose the wiring where you know it's at . If you can find the pipe on the other side of the walkway but roots are in the way- why not pogo and find the pipe a few feet down where the roots are less intrusive. Find the piping and spot locate the wire- Then go for a reroute wire replacement of that broken section.

    With the pro 800 locator you could turn on broad cast mode and try to find the wire that way. Jim will have some good tips.
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    Here is the pic. Thanks, for your reply.

    walnut creek irrigation 001 (Medium) (Large).jpg
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    Large area.

    walnut creek 006 (Large).jpg
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