Using your contract or theirs?

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  1. Oxmow

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    How many of you have run into corporate jobs that have their own contracts? It seems that my contract is irrelevant when it comes time to do contract talks. And I've seen them tell me "it's ours or nothing". And that's where the "indemnity clause" comes in to effect from my former thread.

    What do you do about it?
  2. KUMA01

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    I just started the commercial end this year both properties had there own contracts and specs. The only thing I couldn’t do is the fert and squirt I just subbed that out. But I think they do that bc they are tired of people not doing full maintenance and doing the bare minimum.
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    I have a couple accounts that do not give a rats about my contract and have their own very strict requirements. After the secretarial work and getting through the insurance requirements, which as excessive, it is still worth it. These accounts pay well, they also don't send a check until on the net 30 days, so at the beginning of the season I had 8 services in and a couple thousand bucks before they sent my first payment. After that things are cruising along, but yes some of these larger management companies have their own requirements and contracts, if they pay well enough and you can factor in the desk work, it's totally worth it. They never pay later than their set date, and they always pay.
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    The pay thing is why I bill on the first day of the month. And "net 30" to us doesn't mean the same to them. To them, they don't even get close to paying till after 30 days past the invoice date has passed. Then you have to figure out where their check is coming from. Do they pay it or just "ok" it and then send the info to a third party pay company?

    That's one of the reasons I asked this question. I thought "Net 30" meant PAID within 30 days. but evidently not! Even if they sign MY contract and it states that, they won't pay within that time frame most of the time or pay a "late" fee.

    Just wondered what others experiences were.

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