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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by familylawncare, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. familylawncare

    familylawncare LawnSite Member
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    Has anyone been notified of USM/WalMart Landscape bid awards for this season?
    Original paperwork I had submitted said "winners" would be announced on or about February 23.
    I ass-u-me, since no word from USM, that our bid was not successful.
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Who is this magical 'USM' of OZ anyway?
    Not someone I believe I will be dealing with, they seem like the secret service.
  3. jplawnmaint

    jplawnmaint LawnSite Member
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    USM is not a company any one should work for! They need to be run out.
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  4. DLCS

    DLCS LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Go over to Plowsite and read the countless threads about them. How they owe money to companies that completed the work but will not pay their bills. We are talking thousands of dollars. Last i heard Wal Mart will not be doing business with them next year for snow removal. USM asks for bids, before they get the entire chain of stores, this way they can up your price and make 60% off of your work. Why would you want to work for USM? better yet take the contract to your lawyer and have them read it. i gurantee any lawyer worth his salt, will laugh.
  5. familylawncare

    familylawncare LawnSite Member
    Messages: 177

    We have worked for both USM and Brickman in our area. Although Brickman does seem to pay faster, and we did have some initial problems with USM on "paperwork", after that was resolved they seem to pay fair rates and are now paying on schedule.
    As with anything I guess it all depends on your personal experience. Many on here may comment without any facts. While I do not deny we were frustrated until we became accustom to procedures, and started getting regular companies are here to stay. Live with 'em or live without 'em. Certainly your choice.
  6. lbmd1

    lbmd1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Follow DLCS's advice and go to plowsite and read about them. If you have any sense, you'll run.
  7. PLS-Tx

    PLS-Tx LawnSite Silver Member
    from Texas
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    Why would anyone even think about working for them.

    Level 1 Maintenance is another I would stay away from. They still owe us.
  8. jplawnmaint

    jplawnmaint LawnSite Member
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    We worked for Level 1 last year. I agree, they suck. The are very unprofessional, and they don't pay on time. We did get all our money, but we had to threaten them with seizing there bank account. Works every time.
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  9. jplawnmaint

    jplawnmaint LawnSite Member
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    A buddy of mine plowed a Target for them 2 years ago and they still owe him 6K. He showed up at the SIMA convention and USM reps where there. He was told that the reps would not be talking to any one about money that is owed to contractors. They where there to get new recruits/suckers to work for them. Take every ones advise and stay away from them.

    One more thing. You won't find much about them on plowsite. For some reason the post keep getting deleted. Which I'm sure will happen to this one.
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  10. ALC-GregH

    ALC-GregH LawnSite Fanatic
    from PA
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    That's because they pay good money to be on the sites. Someone flames them and the post gets deleted. I'm sure they (usm) cry like little girls whenever a post is made flaming them.

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