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    More usm fuzzy math .I got a certified letter .they said with bad economic conditions They are going to cheat you out of 10% instead of 4%. These parasites have screwed the whole system up . The banks and national accounts need to let local managers handle there own accounts. With
    cost as high as they was last year ,now they want to cheat you out of your profit
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    Huh ?? I don't understand !! :dizzy: :dizzy:
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    in the past they would keep 4% of invoice after they had paid you $10000.
    so if your bill was $ 2000. for the month they would pay $1920 now they are going to pay $1800 . They paid in full up to 10,000 .I guess they thought
    you owed them something if you did a lot of work for them
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    "Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on ... uh... the point is you can't get fooled again. -GW Bush"

    So, they skrewed you outta 4% and you came back for more?

    What frustrates me about this site sometimes is that I have to wade through a zillion posts of guys trying to work with and for companies like this before I find a good conversation with guys who would rather figure out how to beat them out of our markets one account at a time.
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    this starts april 1st
    i will be at end of contract , i up the price to cover it when they would not take it out of contract in 08

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