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    That is the point... low-balling and slavish working attitudes don't work with small business nor do they work with National chains, and Wal-Mart at least sees that with the companies they sub out for...

    My personal point is that we should never play second fiddle to a lame slave-holder business and let them fall apart like the rest of the lowballing useless incompetants...

    I find it hard to believe that they were even a consideration for a reputable business to get in bed with... It only makes you look bad...
  2. zlssefi

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    well, i got my new pricing want me to take a 400 dollar hit on a 1200.00 a month account....sounds like they may need to find a new landscaper...unbeleiveable
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    We have done work for a few years with USM you do have to float the money for the jobs for a while but they do pay and through some tough negotiating they pay what i charge not what they want. not to bad just a ton a paperwork and juggling. have to call a dozen times on site for each job plus get signatures and stamps and fax then call then email but overall not too bad.
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    How desparate are you???
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    Exactly, no way would I put myself through the stress to get paid each bill period. Much better gigs out there.

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    I have been in this business a long time and I can tell you this with
    100% certainty , every company that I know that has worked for a national company has been screwed. Every one.
    And for those that think getting paid after going "thru hoops" for 4-5 months after payment was due is not getting screwed...:nono:
    What is your time worth?
    Do you really think they don't do that on purpose?

    I am hoping that in the near future the time of the Nationals will come to an end.
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    Not true at least for me. The national I do snow for has been great on payments and the hoops were minimal at best. Definitively not a USM deal from my reading.

    They even helped me out last year due to the bad winter we had. Snow started early, often and heavy over-all. My salt bill went through the roof right out of the gate, and they made special arrangements not once, but twice to double up my payments for a couple of months. Basically they took the last two months of payments and added it to the current bill.

    Heck, I had more problems with local commercial clients who payed 60-90 days out.


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    Hey I am truly Happy for you, seriously.
    But what I said is true , and you probably will be screwed...eventually.

    But for the time being please tell us the National company that actually cared enough to pay you early, not extra.
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    If anyone else "in any state" , is owed money from a previous USM account that is not paid and over 90 days past due, please email me. If you have a business attorney, my attorney will be glad to provide your attorney with everything needed to collect the past due amounts for a very small fee, literally 5%~ of what it may cost us to collect what USM still owes us. In turn, your attorney can then file to collect without having to shell out thousands to do the same work my attorney has done. Send me your Contact info "or your attorney's" along with amount owed, for what account, "rite aid, staples, walmart, cvc, home depot etc", and what year it was billed. Thanks
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    Brickman. Was there really a reason I needed to divulge that?

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