USPO Direct Mail Returns???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by vanncann, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Looked and could not find anyone that has used this service in the past few years that has posted about their returns... So... Has any body used this service for cutting and how was the return??? From what I have been told so far you can send a post card postal for 14 cents not including the card production... So what do you guys thank??? Would it be worth it in your eyes???
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    Do a quick search. There is at least 4 threads going on about EDDM.
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    i sent out 2300 flyers, to a town near me. The cost to send them out was a little over 300 dollars, it was 74 dollars for the flyers. I sent them out in the end of june, which was too late, but I still got an decent return, good enough to only want to send out flyers that way ever again....the cost is higher, but for me that will be the only way I send out flyers ever again, I'm gonna try again in the middle of march. I've got a few neighborhoods on my hit list for next spring, should work great, I plan to keep hitting these neighborhoods 3-4 times in 2013. I got 1 job which was a mowing account, which is on demand, but from that I got one of their friends a few towns over for weekly mowing, and after doing that account i got two of the neighbors, and in the summer I got a tree job, and big shrub pruning and mulch job. so over all the flyers were a sucess. I expected a lot more work from the flyers, but being in my second year I really couldn't complain. I'm probably gonna do the same section of town next spring, along with the town i live in.
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  4. vanncann

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    No return when I typed it in so I started this thread... Also if you don't know, don't comment!!! (NOT HERE FOR THE SMART ASS COMMENTS OF THE "PROS" THAT ARE ON THIS WEB SITE ALL THE TIME!!!)

    I'm just looking for some kind of return on an investment...

    Thanks for the comments of people that have used this service...
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    Really? Krazy has plenty of good post
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    I wasnt even going to respond back. Im honored. Guess i finally made it to the status of " Smartass Pro" lol
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    I've done multiple mailings. Success depends on your message, timing, and audience. A reasonable response rate might be 1% if you do it well. I've had almost 3% when I advertised an aeration and fertilizer combo for $60 for any yard up to 5k sq ft.

    Your results, I'm sure, will vary (especially if you're in the habit of writing all in caps and calling people smart-ass for no real reason when asking for help) .

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