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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by clayslandscape, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. clayslandscape

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    Is the local United Stated Postal Service supposed to put their lawn services up for bid every year since they are a federal program?
  2. Johnagain

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    Ours come up every two years. Strictly lowest bid wins. I've seen some pretty crappy work at ours but that's what the budget gets.
  3. FoghornLeghorn

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    Yea, our area too. Lowest price always wins, and the facilities here ALWAYS look like hammered hell. Just because it's a commercial job doesn't mean it's a good job...
  4. clydebusa

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    Every 2 years in Tulsa area.
  5. GreenI.A.

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    The post office is run differently than other federal agencies/departments. They do not need to put anything up for bid and can hire anyone they want out of the phone book like a private company can. The only reason they do put larger jobs out to bid, is like most companies, is to get multiple bids and choose the one that is cheapest or fits their needs the best. As far as the bidding process goes, each district manager who over sees a number of post offices, sets the ares bidding process
  6. Dr.NewEarth

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    I'm in Canada. I think our local post office hires a blind guy.(no offence to other blind people or Canada's Prime Minister -who is kind of blind haha) No lawn trimming or edging, long growth in the corners where the lawn mower doesn't fit, grass is scalped as low as it will go. It's all weeds...the shrubs look like __ _ _ _, sprinkler heads broken and's a joke.
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  7. GreenI.A.

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    just an FYI. no need to make a joke about Canadian politics. None of us south of the border know a thing about canada other than you like hockey and have really good adult clubs in Montreal
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