Utility company sending me a bill...need advice

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Like above posters stated if you called (here it is called "call before you dig") and had all utilities marked you are off the hook. If not you have to pony up.

    A couple years back a buddy and I were putting a new electrical service in for his sister. Drove a 1/2" ground rod straight through the middle of a 3/4" gas line. I got lucky for one that I am still standing. When the utility came out first thing they did after shutting off the gas they called the utility locators. The locator told us it is law before breaking the surface of the earth to call and have utilities marked. $800 bill if I remember correctly.
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    When you say you don't have to call anyone, do you mean like the gas company?

    You're right about negotiating the price; Tri-City has some good points too.
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    You call 811. They will tell you who they contact and who they don't.
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    Gas is only 18inches and they don't have to use caution tape. It all depends where you're on depth too. Electrical is 36inches if it's direct buried or 24 if in conduit. Many companies go deeper it all depends on their specs. Those are the minimum depths when I did work for teco and FPL only a few years ago. Gas can be in cooper or poly lines too so be very careful.
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    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what I am thinking. But if I post it, it will be deleted.

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    I don't trust builders as far as I can throw them. Too many recent developments where I've found the electric barely covered by the sod. Cable tv gets pushed into a 2" deep slice made with an edging tool. All my sod jobs get marked now. I hate breaking crap.
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    I doubt you've found utility power cables laid under the sod. That would be just about impossible. If you did it would have been hit and pulled up by someone else before you. Just an fyi anywhere were the cable comes out of the ground into the home/utility boxes is considered a legal locate and if they paint a circle around it that extends the locate.
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    My neighbor 2 houses down has the power line exposed in the yard. It was installed just below the sod. You never know!
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    I've found power line, telephone trunk line & cable all buried right next to a 3" irrigation main I had to dig out and re-route. 811 advised us ATT & FPL ran along to front of the property, my dig was in the rear. Looked like they droped their cable right into the irrigation trench.

    Good thing we dig careful.

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