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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Easy Way Lawn Care, Jul 4, 2004.

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    This year I purchased a 36" wright stander to do my small yards which were too small for my 54" ztr. I had read how the stander can handle steep hills on this site but had never really ventured to see. Well the other day I was waiting for my empoyee to finish up and I decided to do some experimenting with the stander. I first rode it on some very steep hills that we normally have to us a trimmer on. To my suprised my just shifting my weight this little machine just hugged those hills. I then got to thinking if I attach a trimmer to this machine I can drive it to the areas that had to be trimmed instead of walking (this is on the bigger 3/4 and acre properties). Well I purchased a trimmer clamp and did a test run last week. I probably saved me about 15 minutes job time (two jobs across the street from each other 1 and 3/4 acres total) and with no fatique from walking. I have also used the same concept on some other big properties I had with the same results. I know use that little stander as both a small yard cutter and a big yard detail machine. Just thought I would post this for anyone who is interested or owns a stander.
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    Thanks for the tip, Where did you get the trimmer holder?
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    yes--this was a good post. how 'bout a pic of that trimmer holder?

    GEO :)
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    jtthomas sorry I dont have the web address with me. It cost 179 which is a bit pricy for what it is but overtime pays for itself in production

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