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    Do any of you guys use a fert spreader in the back of you're UTV? If so, what kind? How's it working out?
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    I use a herd spreader on my atv. Sometimes on the front rack and sometimes on the back. I think the model is a gt77. It seems to be a quality piece of equipment. I've had it about 4 years and I use it for fert and seed on fb, bb, and sb fields as well as food plots. Only downside is the 80lb capacity.
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    If you are handy...and exceptionally creative...you can build a trailer hitch for your push spreader and tow it behind. Use 10 feet of aluminum tubing or conduit bent double. Tricky to set up an on/off mechanism.

    Or, you can devise a hitch and tow the spreader backwards--allowing you to reach the on/off handle easily...of course you have to remove the axle and reverse it so that the driving wheel is on the left, and the spinner rotates in the opposite direction.

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    Bought a Lesco electric ON SALE. mounted it to the front hitch on my Kobota RTV. Works great!
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    I hoped they changed the motor on that spreader. I went through two motors on that thing before I switched to a Spyker.
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    Lesco NEW MOTOR
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