UTV Sprayer (DIY or Buy)

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mesquitekiller, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Hello all!

    I'm looking for a 35-40 gallon sprayer to use for individual plant treatment of Sendero to mesquite that I can put in the cargo bed of my Polaris Ranger. I'll only be using a spray gun, so no boom attachments needed. I sprayed 5000 acres last season (shortened season) with a 25 gallon sprayer that was older and thrown together so am looking to upgrade to be more efficient since I'm looking at 10,000 acres as a goal for this year. With the UTV setup, I drive with one hand, hold the spray gun in the other, and occasionally get out to reach more places at once.

    I know there are a lot of expensive options out there so I feel handy enough to build my own, I just need a guide or advice on how to do so. At the 35-40 gallon range, I think it would be a lot cheaper, but would want to build it right and reliable - any suggestions on best pumps, tools to use to attach and drill into the tank, spray gun, etc. If I'm feeling fancy, I'd get a hose reel as well.

    Of course, if anyone knows of any good deals or great setups out there that I should look into buying, I'm open to that as well!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Not sure where you are located, but by your name, I'm guessing OK,TX,or NM. I would check out wylie sprayer. Lots of options and good people. I've 4 if their 200 gal skids, a 50 gal skid with a 12v pump and hose reel and 2 25 gallon atv sprayer with 14 ft boom. I think that 50 gal skid would be nice for what you are doing. It is called a 50 gal Pronto.
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    Good catch, haha. I'm in the TX Panhandle, and there's a few Wylie stores near me. I'll drop in and see what they have to say! I want to save on costs as much as possible (I mean geez, I sprayed 4800 acres with a hand me down, ranch cowboy pieced together 25-gallon spot sprayer last season). I may see if they can just replace that tank with a 40 but the same pump and spray gun. I'm afraid to go larger than 40 even though my polaris has a 1000 lb cargo bed capacity because I'm spraying in rough country (it's not all lovely and flat up here), up and down ravines and plateaus, etc. The stuff sloshes around a lot and the added weight could harm my suspension in the bumpy stuff.
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    So the rural kings/tractor supply sell sprayer packages for a couple hundred bucks. They're not as nice as those units available commercially but why not start there and upgrade the pump, reel, etc if necessary?
    I was poking around on sprayerdepot.com the other day, could piece your own together from there.

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