V-comm is really ticking me off!

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Victor, Dec 12, 2004.

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    I'll tell you guys what. I recently decided to create a more professional website for my company. After looking around for what seemed to be a good website creating program, I came across a program that V-Comm sells, called "Web Easy Professional" (Version 5). I took the program home and loaded it up. I went through the normal learning curve of getting used to how the program worked. I then got to the point where I had created what I considered to be a good rough draft that I would publish and then tweak from there. I never had any problems with this program, or V-Comm, until I tried to publish my site. For some reason, the program wouldn't allow me publish the site. I had already turned the files into HTML format, but for whatever reason, I would get an error message that stated that the program was either improperly registered, or iEasysite (the default hosting company for this program) could not be found. When this happened, I figured I'd call V-Comm's tech support and get this problem resolved right away. Boy was I wrong! It turns out that V-Comm doesn't give technical support for this program over the phone. They only support it via email. Their only promise is that they will answer your question within 2 business days.

    To get my new site up and running, I called my hosting company's tech service line and one of their techs walked me step, by step through manually bringing up my FTP folder and dragging and dropping my new files onto the FTP folder. I still haven't had any luck getting my problem resolved with not being able to update my site. Needless to say. I'm getting pretty frustrated here. There are a lot of changes that I made to my site, that I'd like to be able to publish. Has anyone dealt with these jerks before?

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    You should call V-comm and explain to them what is happening. The upload is simple and does not require any special coding. if you still need help, let me know, might be able to get you up quickly.

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