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V-Nose Enclosed

Duncan IN

LawnSite Member
I am wondering if any of you have looked into getting a V-Nose tailer that was enclosed. The one I am looking at is 18'x8' not including the nose section. Has three entrances Two ramp doors. One on the nose and one on the end. It also has a side door. I was just wondering if it would be a good style of trailer to go with. I can get it for 4975. Which I thought was not bad for the size of this thing and the extra ramp door. Saves unloading everthing in back. That price is for a brand new one that has not yet been ordered. I think it would be a good trailer because I have a 70 C30 with a poor turning radius. It will alow be to get more of a turn out of it.

could I get your Ideas and thoughts?

Levi Duncan
Lone Tree Lawn Care

mdb landscaping

LawnSite Silver Member
Glastonbury, CT
hey duncan,
i just purchased a v-nose 8 by 14 enclosed trailer two weeks ago. i am pretty new in this so the size should last me for a couple of years. i got an all aluminum rivetless paneled trailer for 5500. it has a ramp door in the V a side entrance door and a full size ramp door in the rear. i would recommend the v nose. first of all its aero dynamic for a little bit better gas mileage and second of all you get the ramp door up front to put a walk behind out or get access to trimmers etc. just becareful when buying. we bought eight feet wide and had to buy mirror extenders because you cant see worth nothing without them. im looking forward to just parking it at night though and not unloading equipment.