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    I know its been talked about a lot but I'm making my first big equipment purchase and am probably going with the v-ride and wanted to throw it out there for opinion. Scag has the fleet pricing and I may have misheard from dealer but I think it will run into March this year. I've run all 48" walk behinds in the past. Getting more and bigger (1-2 acre) properties and need to upgrade.

    I cut northern grass mostly tt tall fescue with some kbg and the occasional perennial rye mixed in. I take care of applications on all properties, too, so they're all a nice cut. very high-end properties. Productivity means something but really looking for the best cut on the street, even if productivity is down a bit. Lawns are heavily irrigated so first instinct was not to go with a ztr rider.

    Right now in order I am thinking of getting
    1. v-ride- good mix of productivity and cut
    2. turf tracer 60- I don't mind walking even a few acres, would use velke only on much bigger areas to open it up, believe this deck cuts best in my area. Would probably go with this is I didn't feel it was less productive

    Any input is appreciated. Got quoted about 7,800 for 61 v-ride plus tax. Good deal with the promotion. Turf Tracer was 8,300 plus tax. When split over 48 monthly payments the difference isn't much.
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    My dealer quoted me $6800 for vride with fleet pricing and $7700 for a turf tracer x series both mowers 52". Both mowers out the door after tax was around $16600. $340 a month on 0% for 48 months
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  3. CMland

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    that's a lot of tax unless it has financing fees. i believe the dealer already added in cost of financing.

    should probably add I overlooked the exmark vantage because of the price increase and the fact I've heard better talk of the v-ride
  4. HPSInc

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    as long as you never want to bag, the v-ride is fine. My larger V-ride is the 52. Paid $7000 + tax in 2010. Easy to use and whip around but again, bagging sucks with it so I can only imagine you would hate bagging with the 61 even more. overall I like the vride though. going on my 4th year with it and never a problem
  5. CMland

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    thanks good to hear good long-term experiences. I don't bag much. Before aerating and in fall sometimes after leaf clean-ups but I mostly use blowers to remove leaves and then just pick up the stragglers.
  6. nashlawn01

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    I didn't mention I had him quote a pro slide with the turf tracer and an ocdc with the v ride
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    you're not saving much weigh with a Vride over a rider.

    and I'm pretty sure your PSI on the tires transferring to the ground will either be the same or worse with the Vride.

    Im not sure i get the idea of saving weight on heavily irrigated turf… have you seen what they mow golf courses with? They're battle ships in comparison.

    Irrigated turf is the healthiest turf with the best root mat.

    I wouldn't worry about a rider. I ran Dixie Choppers all over sports turf in my day, sometimes throwing rooster tails from the irrigation water.

    Why a 61" Vride?

    I get their appeal n the 36, 48 and to a lesser extent 52…but a 61? Just get a Tiger Cat, Cheetah or the man's man Turf Tiger.
    Are they significantly cheaper?

    Have you price what an SWZT with a dual wheel velke would cost?
  8. CMland

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    Turf Tiger is about 3k more. If it was within $1000 I might get it. The v-ride is 20% off right now. I don't mow many wide open areas- mostly heavily landscaped yards, all residential, so I think the vride might handle and have more visibility than a turf tiger. Didn't particularly mean the irrigation, just that most of the ground is clay and many areas are soft even when I mow them with a walk behind in the early afternoon. The irrigation just keeps them soft.

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