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    Mines a extended cab shortbed. Empty it gets about 15 city and will get 20 on the highway cruising at 70.
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    My f 250 was killing me with gas so I bought a 4x4 ranger with a 4.0 v6 it gets about 15-20 mpg. I only go out with one big mower (60'' Lazar or 48'' snapper walk behind) and a 22'' walk behind using my small trailer 5'6''x10' 2 axle. Had it for 2 seasons now and I really can't complain it plus my equipment very good no problems, and have pulled 5 yards of mulch with it short distance but all good.
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    to be honest i never understood why people use big diesel trucks and so forth to haul lawnmowers. it makes sense for heavier loads but lawnmowers don't weigh that much. my 4cyl toyota is rated to haul 6500lbs and i think the v6 version is too. what are people hauling that weighs more than this? that would be 4 or 5 ztr mowers and a huge trailer to weigh that much. i imagine the most anyone would need would be 2 mowers at one time. trimmers, blowers, pushmowers, etc. don't weigh hardly anything. i dunno it's just something that i've never understood really. it's like overkill. i can understand if you pull things like bulldozers or really heavy stuff but to just pull mowers it doesn't make sense. i think at the most i'm pulling 1500-2000lbs with my trailer and mowers.
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    Some of us do a little more than just cut grass...

    For that you need a trailer, for most of us one trailer is enough, so I got a one size fits all jobs.

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    Well I had my truck before I started this biz,, and I also plow with it,, nothing beats a diesel when plowing.
    Also gets better mileage than a gas truck of the same size. When I do landscaping, and have to haul a trailer + bed full of stone, No sweat. or go rent a stump grinder, small back hoe, ect. No sweat. It ain't no duramax,, but then again, it didn't cost $40,000 either.
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    All of you might want to look into getting your engines chipped from Bullydog or Superchips.
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    Not all of us are hauling only 2000lbs...I was pulling that much with my ranger back when I started about 6 years ago but alot of people need a bigger truck as business gets bigger. Also need the capability to be able to put more than 1 other guy in a small cramped truck when its 100 degrees out. Even if your truck is rated to 6500lbs, go ahead and pull a 6500lb trailer around on a good sized route every single week and let me know how it holds up and your mileage. Also, should check your numbers because 4 or 5 big zero turns are going to be over 6000lbs by themselves not even counting the huge trailer that would be required to haul 5 zero turns and all the other equipment that goes with it.
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  9. 360ci

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    Guys, as you all don't live in the same area don't compare mileage to someone who has a similar spec'd truck....

    Now. For me, my '00 Durango R/T is overkill for what I currently use it for. I no longer tow my 6K camper. Only my lighter utility trailer and it's enough to grab 2cu yards of mulch, carry my equipment and it's heavy enough to hit the trails so I can fill it with firewood for the winter.

    If I were to get a lighter truck, say trailer weight under 3500lb range (thus you shouldn't require brakes in most geographical areas), I'd get a new 2011 F150 with the 3.7L V6. $20K for base 2wd, can't go wrong with that for a bare bones work truck. Best of all, if you need 4wd, it's the only full size you can get with 4wd and a 300hp 3.7L V6 for around $25K. Now, you can get the 3.73 LSD axle, and along with the 6 speed trans you should have a winning combination. It's rated 23mpg highway when empty. For me, I only pull the trailer 2-3 days a week and with the wife gone, I don't need the extra shopping bag space in the cab. Reg cab long box Work Truck baby.

    If Dodge comes out with their 300hp 3.6L in the base Ram, well then I might go for that instead...bring it on.

    Now, if you compare 4cyl trucks, the tacoma offers the largest engine going. To get the most out of it you HAVE to get the 5 speed manual transmission. If you plan to run closer to the trailer weight rating limit then get the automatic and save yourself a clutch every couple years, unless you live in one of the flat states.

    Lastly, my Durango R/T gets 14mpg, but it also gets 18mpg. 70 vs 58mph. So if you're going to state your mileage with your vehicle at least post the speeds you travel at. City mileage is a mixed bag as no similar area is alike in terms of stop and go traffic. In town when towing 2K, I'm lucky to maintain 12mpg at speeds under 40mph with a few hills.

    A base 2500 diesel pickup here in Ontario is well over $65000 with 13% sales tax now. It's rightfully disgusting, especially when these new diesels require urea fluid for emissions. 87 octane is currently $1.338/L, or $5.22 CAD for a US gallon. Diesel is on par so there is no benefit for diesel unless you drive the truck 100K a year and buy it for engine longevity, which today you can get the same if not more miles out of a gas engine for that extra 1-2mpg that it costs you up front versus the $12K you'll save in clicking the diesel engine option box. Nuts.
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    What about buying a USED truck 360ci? I have no problem buying a couple year old truck and letting the original sucka take the big hit when he sellls his truck 3 or 4 years later. All these people on here that pay $20k+ for a brand new half ton or better yet, a tacoma, and then come on here and blast people for having big trucks. If it comes down to spending $20k on a new base model truck new, why not spend 20-25k and get a 3/4 ton or something that I really enjoy?

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