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vac attatchment for dixie chopper


LawnSite Senior Member
baltimore, md
I was wondering if any of you guys have the leaf vac attatchment for the dixe? If so what do you think and what was the damage new????????? Thanks

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
I have a trac-vac for my dixie,I kinda wanted the Dixie attachment but my dealer didnt have any around,and If you run theres you have to run different pulley on the deck to slow down the blade tip speed.That pulley and belt are to hard to swap everytime you pull off the bagging unit on and off.One guy has one he says its awesome but it doesnt cut as good at high speeds now with lower tip speed.He said they hadto reduce blades speed in order to have enough power at the deck to run the blower/mulcher that draws around 4hp.I dont know how true this is.My trac vac works great bity it sticks out quite a bit on back discharge side,its easy to hit something with it while turning around when close to a house or tree.


LawnSite Senior Member
No plans on trying to bag grass or leaves with large area mowers. Double blades or the chain kit works well on leaves.