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Vac System?

mdb landscaping

LawnSite Silver Member
Glastonbury, CT
over the summer i began searching for a new ztr. i like the turf tiger, but i heard its a pretty heavy machine. not to mention a hefty price tag of $7600. i recently got a mailer from a local power equipment place saying i could get a new toro z-master for much cheaper than the scag. this would allow me some extra money for a vac system. i was thinking of maybe a peco vac, but i was wondering if anyone new any good websites or companies to check out the vacs. preferably vacs without pony motors. thanks


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Cut, copy, and paste..... Exmark Lazer Z with the new UltraVac.


LawnSite Senior Member
Northern NJ

I know the post you are talking about, and I copied and pasted what you said just for fun, and it didn't come up ! I have tried using the search many times to look for a specific thread, and I know I missed it. You have to have the phrase exactly to get a hit.

Try :
Walker vs. Lazer


Premo Services

LawnSite Bronze Member
Just got mine last week and I have to say it is the ANSWER.
The bags are very easy to take out and empty, because I was thinking of a peco to, but I can put in woods at properties and there is no way I would back the lazer into the brush areas,taking a chance on getting stuck,torn up ,etc. to empty the peco container. I pull next to dump area with ultra vac, take bags out & into woods to empty,and my machine is safe from damage.


LawnSite Senior Member
baltimore, md
We have been using our fairly new peco for some time now. We on the other hand have no problem with dumping but it works very well thus far. If bagging is needed we just dump at curb then bag it.