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I hired a friend for 2 days..he ran my walker I ran my rider....Finished 35+ accts by wens(worked wens on my own) left wednesday night. Do you know anyone that could give a hand?

40 lawns isnt much to most of you. But Im also a partner in my fathers garbage company....I only have from noon till sundown to(mowlawns) I work from 10-2 am every night(residential garbage removal) And from 7 or 8 till noon(roll off service)
If I can squeeze in vacation anyone can. I will say though, its not worth it for a 4 day vacation.....Just take a couple fridays off and weekends and do it that way a couple times a year.
Thats my plan before the leaves start falling and snow starts flying...Of course most of you from the NE will remember Nov 26.....I think it was a wednesday....Im finishing a leaf job and 12 hrs later im MF'in plowing snow.....Those who do everything lawns leaves and snow......We need a break...I dont think I havent worked less than 70hrs/week since....This year sucks LOL
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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