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Originally posted by Turfdude
How can you shut down for 3 months like that?? Don't you have/want more work to go through the winter?? I try to keep myself +1 or 2 year round, and only lay-off for 4-6 weeks.

BTW - I take 1 week in July, a few camping 3 day weekends, ski weekends too. Last year I took a week in July & one in Sept. to Disney World with the family:D
It's easy, then I am spent. I'm 48 (gonna be 49 in November). I have somewhere around 150 FT accounts (mowing, fert, aerating, spring/fall clean ups, pruning, etc) and god knows how many more leaf customers on tops (probably another 30 or so). I have 7 full time guys too all year long mowing a little more than 200 acres including on top of all that.

I need a break by 12/ then I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Then I have a small window of opportunity to take my 78 year old father (my mom died in '90 at the age of 59) someplace warm to play golf for a week or more.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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