Vacation time for seaonal employees?? yes or no??

Discussion in 'Employment' started by MPNLC, Sep 24, 2013.

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    My boss is curious how other companies handle the issue of vacation time or paid days off when it comes to employees that may be laid of for a couple months in the winter. We are located on Cape Cod in MA and like a lot of landscapers have to lay people off if the work doesn't come in during the dreaded winter months. For a full time supervising employee that would otherwise work the whole year if weather and work permitted, do you still offer them a vacation even though they were laid off for a month or two and collected unemployment?
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    You might check with your local workforce development because that is going to vary across the country. I bet they can tell you something. Monkey see monkey do. Here the guys that pour cement and do construction and the road sign guys all get a regular paid vaca. Gotta remember you are working these guys for 50 sometimes more hours a week when your workin em. Maybe out there the labor is dumb to being treated fair? IDK.

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    Where abouts on cape are you?
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    We give the guys vacation time. Depending on their position and amount of time with the company determines the amount of days they get. Obviously as their time with us increases and experience, we increase the amount of time available to help keep them from leaving.

    We don't do sick time, I have found with experience if a guy has "sick time" he will often call in when he just doesn't feel like working. If a guy does call in sick we will allow them to use a vacation day so that they still get their full pay. What we do to encourage the guys to not call in or take vacation is that any time they have left at the end of the year gets paid to them as a Christmas bonus at 150%. So if a guy has 10 days of vacation, he gets paid for 15.

    A lot of guys think I'm nuts for allowing vacas when guys get most the winter off. We do block out certain weeks when we know we will be busy, and also require the guys give us notice. For example one Forman is taking a week in June, so I'll be sure we only have one large commercial install scheduled that week.
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    That is well thought out. I especially like the 150% idea.
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    I've also heard of companies giving their employees a set bonus amount if they go a certain time period without missing any work. An example is if you go 90 days without missing a day, you get a $100 bonus. You can obviously use any variation you prefer. Treating your employees fair and giving them a goal to shoot for, whatever the goal may be, is a good way to help keep production up and keep them happy and injury free. Happy employees tend to work smarter and harder then people who feel are being treated like crap. I like the idea of putting $1 into an account above the employees wage so should something happen and they would need the money for an emergency, I would be able to help. Like if they or their spouse or kids got injured or sick and they had to miss some work or even something like a house fire or whatever. You obviously shouldn't tell them about the money or they feel entitled to it but if they are a good productive employee, again if you take care of them and would help them out like that in a time of need, chances are they would stay an employee long term as well as being productive.

    A big thing to keep in mind is that they don't choose to be laid off in the down season, and if you were working for yourself, would you be happy if you were expected to take your vacation in the crappy months of the year? Not everyone wants to go to the beach in the middle January - march

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