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    Well you see I would love to take a vacation sometime and my company does snow removal and grass mowing. My buisness partner is older and my other employees are mexicans and cannot drive! What do you other fellows and ladies do when you want to take some time off and have some fun!!!!
  2. Eric ELM

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    If you can't depend on your partner to run things while you are gone, you may have to hire someone to do what you do if you want to go during the summer.

    We take our vacation in the spring, between snow removal and mowing and in the fall between mowing and snow removal. It's about the only time unless you go for a short weekend.
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    I have been in bussiness for over 10 years and have only taken one, 5 day vacation in all that time, just part of owning your own bussiness i guess. Try going on a long weekend or something, when you know that nothing can go drasticlly wrong. The best time to go would maybe be the middle of summer, when the grass slows a bit and everything is in order like mow lists and extras, ect. Just My two cents
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    I have taken vacations in the spring time (usually when my son is on Spring break). There is usually a week or two when there is not much to do.

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