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    We get away for a week in Aug. to FL or SC and find a beach. invite all 6 kids to come and we rent a couple connecting condos. In the Winter we get away for a couple weeks just the Wife and I. We are in Myrtle Beach SC now!! not as warm as I would like but very relaxing......
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    Went to Copper Mountain last spring. Pretty freakin awesome. I've always worried a little about getting hurt. I worried a lot less this past year since I have help that covers my azz. Took a day trip to Breckenridge while there. I'm a "bum in the sun" also. Maui's pretty awesome too. Rabbitman, If you haven't done the bike ride down Haleakala at sunrise, you need to. A snorkel trip out to Molokini was pretty cool also. We stayed at Ka'anapali. Have fun.

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