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    When do you guys (and gals) get to take a vacation (if ever)? <p>Im taking a week the end of August, this will be the first year I take a week during mowing season. Usually I take a week mid-October, when the grass has slowed and before the leaves fall, but the kids are old enough that they want to go away for a week when the weathers still warm..<p>Ill jam in as much as I can before we leave and try to pick up again the Monday I get back so the longest stretch should be 10-11 day gap until I get caught up again.<p>Bill
  2. TGCummings

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    I've taken a week off the last two summers. I let my customers know by notice about a month before I go (slip it in with the bill), and haven't had a hassle yet. Well, aside from some folks telling me they never read the notices I send so they didn't know, but that's *their* problem... ;)<p>This year, I almost didn't go at all for various reasons and some of my customers hassled me about that, telling me I need to get away. Good people.<p>-TGC

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    i thank god every day for my great leadman when i am gone we never miss a beat..oh no doesn't say much for me though lol! i am very rarely gone but i do take time to spend with my family usually a couple of weekend trips in the summer fri, sat, sun sort of thing ..we spent 2 weeks in disney world last january..not much going on then..if you have kids ..spend time with them ..customers can wait!!
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    We take a week in the spring after aerating and fertilizing and again in the fall after the leaves are done, areating done and the winterizer is down, if it's not snowing by then.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    I take a week in the beginning of August and have 2 per-diem employees mow for me. The grass is slow growing and easily handled. Other than that, I take time off in the off season (winter - no plowing for me).
  6. KirbysLawn

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    I go almost once a month (Fri/Sat/Sun) for a short trip to the NC mountians, :) Take a week in Nov and March.

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