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    I have a JD F-620 front mount ztr. Just wanting to know if anyone as put a vacuum system on one? JD makes one just for this mower, runs about 1500.00. Wanting to know if there are any better deals out there. This is the price for a system with its own blower on it I think. 9.5 bussel cap.
  2. Price is not the issue. Performance is.

    Dump from the seat no other faster and easier way.

    Other wise the vac you said could do just fine.

    I do not have a JD lawn mower.
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    Mike, I bought a used Peco, which is the link LGF just gave, it's just a homeowner model(3.5 hp cloth bag), but it seems to do good. I think mine holds about that much, and it fills up pretty quick - even mulching the leaves first.
    Here's another link..

    Phillips carrys Trac-Vac plug aerators, so they could probably get the Trac Vac vacuums too. I also saw a Trac-Vac at Appomattox, beside the JD/Dixie Chopper dealer there, at a small engine shop.

    I believe most people prefer one with it's own powr unit, as opposed to Exmark's 'ultra-vac'.

    I know its not commercial quality, but C. Brown uses a trailer type he bought from Lowes. I thought about making mine for use with a trailer, but I don't want to lose the manuverability. ;)
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    thats my mower in the background!!!!

    isnt it just so cuuuuuuuute:D
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    We have one of the commercial peco catchers on one of our dixie xw2500s. Id say its bout the biggest piece of junk weve ever bought. The bottom of the box is slanted so the weight of the clippings push the door open. So we have put bungie cords on it to hold it closed. When you dump it it falls on the engine air intake. The arms holding the door closed have been bent up. I will never buy another.
  6. LeoS818

    I hade those problems also way back. You should contact Peco and try and get some upgrade kits. All of mine have been upgraded and they are much better now. They gave me most of them for free.

    Also you can contact me and I can help solve some also.

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    Thanks for the input. I really like the looks of the vacuums with the rubbermade trash cans. Wonder with a few minner adjustments like a mounting braket could the ztr vacuum be used on a walk behind? It would be cool if it could, one system for both mowers. By the way don't the 40 some gal. trash can hold more than the peco ztr model. What are some est. prices of the systems?
  8. edward hedrick

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    Ihad a JD 620 bought it and returned it to dealer didn't like it on side hills. I had vac system on it. the box was ok. The blower drive had about 5 or 6 idlers. The connection to the deck was
    a poor fit. To drive everything I think 20 hp is low. JD advertised
    a 25 but never put it in production. I bought a Scag Sthm which
    is better for hillsides. I have a Tracvac 470 on a 52 lesco
    with 44gal. I would like to get a vac for the scag would like 2
    buckets .
  9. This is a Peco on a Lazer. Cost $2000 has all the upgrades on it also. 12 bushle cap. 6hp Kohler /weight bar

  10. edward hedrick

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    I like your Peco set up have seen it at Lesco for the Viper. Also
    the box is over the engine instead of out back as on the ultra
    vac , less wear on main mower. If I were to buy a mid mount it would have a Peco

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