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  1. unionlawns

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    looking at the billy goat multi vac(new one mv650) walk behind unit with optional does this work?anyone have experiences either good or bad?have some propoerties where I beleive it would work well.thanks for any input!!!:)
  2. david shumaker

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    I have a Little Wonder Leaf and Lawn Vac. It has alot of power and will suck up leaves and trash great. It is hard to push, especially on slopes and thick grass. It will wear you out. It would be good for parking lots or other hard services, but I do not recommend a multi-purpose or leaf vac unless it is self-propelled unless you are going to use it on hard surfaces. If you buy a vac, I suggest paying more and get a self-propelled model. I used my vac this weekend on my yard, but my yard is mostly flat.
  3. Two Seasons

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    The BG MV is on our 2008 buy sheet. Not doing what I did this year (blow/tarp to the curb) takes too blasted long.

    I'm not convinced that the optional vac hose is all that great, maybe for basement window wells. Unless you have customers that want every leaf removed, using the optional vac hose around bushes, imo, is a waste of time.

    I like the easy off/on with the bag on the MV too. Check out their videos on their web site.
  4. Scagguy

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    I demoed the MV650 about a month ago. Great machine, but I purchased a KD512SP. Reasons were that I wanted a leaf shredder kit, it's not available on the MV650. If you're going after a big pile of leaves, the bag will fill up quick without the shredder kit. The hose unit is ok. Used it a few times, but it's not a must have item. In most cases, you can take your BP and blow the leaves out where you can get to them with the vaccum.

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